Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can Culture Change The World?

Culture can break down barriers, it is something that needs to be nurtured, blended and cultivated instead of being put on the backburner.
It is a gift to be embraced.
It is a web of information, of learning and history for our own benefit - an added colourful value into our world -
It is going back to the Source we all belong for the improvement of the Planet.
We can shape it together.

A question pops up hence. Do you think that culture can change anything in this world?
Sometimes we feel that despite our best efforts the world doesn’t change.

And when we look around us, talk to people we find and have the realization that a lot of things haven’t changed. Nonetheless we cannot lose hope – so this is why We are turning to you: How do you think we could use culture in a more effective and powerful way?


Gazal Bharadwaj said...

'culture' is really wide. so, i wont go defining it. jus trying 2 stick 2 answerin "can culture change anything?"
I FEEL CULTURE HAS D POWER OF CHANGING THINGS COZ IT DEFINES WAT IS ACCEPTABLE AND/OR WHAT IS NOT. it has d power 2 change r opinion n outluk bout certain things n dat change in outluk can lead 2 actualisation o those changes. i realised this many times. n also went thru it many tyms. d recent one bieng d second day o DHAROHAR-09. i was upset over a question i was facinf frm d past few days. in d evening while attending d vocal performance o PT. BHOLANATH MISHRA in d GANDHI AUDITORIUM, he recited a 'pad' by meera. it was awsum. my eyes brimmed. i felt as though i was gttn few answers... nd actually a lot o things changed since then...
this is jus a personal example... when 'culture' thru music changed sumthn within...
theres a lot more 2 it...

djai@azgalor said...

gr8 job... u gave it a complete new look that was needed.

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