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Dharohar '10

‘Dharohar’ is a three day fest organized by SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter comprising events that represent a wide tapestry of the Indian cultural heritage. Dharohar’ 10, this year celebrated 50 glorious years of existence of G. B. Pant Univ. of Agri. & Tech and was dedicated to the social cause of ‘Protecting our environment against Global Warming and its effects’.

The entire fest was categorized into the following four categories:
1. The Mega Events
2. Cultural Events
3. Literary Events
4. Informals

A detailed description of the various events is given below:
I. MEGA EVENTS: These included the major attractions of Dharohar ’10.

1) MEHFIL- the artist night:

“When my breath is gone and I cannot play anymore, what do I leave behind?
When you leave nothing behind you cry at the point of death.
But I still dream, I dare…
I dare to dream that through my playing and through my students my flute will be left behind as the memory of Lord Krishna.
This is a vision. A vision that has stretched boundaries, transformed generations, and changed the very face of Indian Classical Music on Earth. This is the vision of a visionary, the personality who has dedicated a lifetime to music- Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia.”
This Dharohar, the artist night witnessed of the finest blend of Indian Classical music by the magnificent and globally renowned trio of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pt. Vijay Ghate and Pt. Rajesh.
The artist performance was organized on the evening of day two, at the University Convocation Ground. The Chief Guest for the evening- Mr. Prakash Pant – Minister of Uttarakhand, along with Dr., B. S. Bisht, Vice Chancellor, G.B.P.U.A.T., felicitated the artists. Returning to Pantnagar after a span of 25 years, Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia enlivened the huge crowd with the euphonious notes of his flute.

2) SAMVAAD - Invent an idea, invent a change… An open house discussion forum

It was organized on March 12, 2010 on ‘an endeavor to save the earth’. The event marked the opening of the fest. Students, tutoriate from different colleges and eminent dignitaries like Dr. B. S. Bisht, Vice Chancellor, G.B.P.U.A.T.; Mr. N. K. Joshi, Secretary to government of India and former Director General of Forest; Dr. R. B.S Rawat, IFS, PCCF, Uttarakhand; Dr. L.M.S Palni, Director GBPIHED; Prof A. K Pant, Director BIAS Bhimtal; Jyoti Prasad, Associate Prof, G.B.P.U.A.T. and many more convened for interlocutions on the devastating pandemic catastrophe global warming. The aim of this open house discussion was to elucidate the impacts of anthropogenic activities on global environment and climate change and to create public opinion in favor of action that are required to keep our mater earth safe, healthy and green . The dignitaries from various fields enlightened the students with their presentations on: global warming: facts, controversies and our role; climate change and mountain ecosystems (special reference to Indian Himalayan region); an endeavor to save the globe - Uttarakhand perspective, climate change situation and impact in South Asia, etc. Young minds placidly interrogated experts and were satiable. The discussion was inspiring and intellectual.
SPICMACAY Pantnagar Chapter therefore made a contribution through Dharohar’10 in mobilizing youth to fight this threat to humanity.

3) JUNOON- the fusion band competition
Junoon- the fusion band competition made the closing ceremony of Dharohar’10 even more magnificent. Seven finalist bands filled the air of the auditorium with music and showed the perfect blend of Indian and western culture. The students demonstrated the true meaning of FUSION through their music. The audience was made speechless by the performances of the bands. Each one was better than the other. Even the judges were astonished by the confidence and professionalism with which the students performed on stage. The program ended with the hosts announcing the names of the winners of various competitions of the fest.

4) PARIVESH - The Ethnic Ramp Show
It was organized on the 2nd night of the fest. The theme for the ramp show was ‘Expressing India ’. There were around 8 teams from various colleges. Students displayed their creativity portraying different, novel, and even amiable ideas. Each team had a different perception for India. Ideas depicting India as a secular and a diverse country, its ancient, medieval, modern history, antiquities, a country with different ecosystems, a country known for its bravery, etc. were used. Models wearing different outfits and also illuminated made the night cheerful and joyful. The dresses were embellished with fine work done on them. Parivesh turned to be a perfect blend of color, art, culture, glamour and style.

The cultural events truly brought out the colors of life with plays, skits, singing & dance performances. The impeccable combination of exuberant dancers, melodious singers & exceptional actors enhanced the elegance & charm of the fest. The bright & vibrant ambience of the event left everyone wanting more.

1. RAAGA - the singing competition
The premises of Pantnagar witnessed an instrumental night that amalgamated the rich aural experience with the potency of songs that created a scintillating experience with the harmony of various musical instruments. With two categories viz. classical and semi classical; left enough scope for the audience to enjoy. The participants were so good that even the judges could not resist praising them and assisting the singers on instruments like tabla. The audience sat dumbfounded while the flawless singing of students from different colleges based on semi classical theme astonished everyone.

2. JHANAK-the dance competition
The zany moves, the dizzying footwork, the judges watching ardently, the crowds screaming names...
This was the feeling of JHANAK, the dance competition. The theme ‘An endeavor to save the globe’ was an absolute entertainment for young and old and at the same time spread the awareness amongst the assiduous youth. Jhanak showcased talent & innovation that mesmerized one and all.

3. AHWAAL-the drama fest
Introduced for the first time in Dharohar, Ahwaal-the drama fest gave a platform to the young actors to showcase their talent. Under the fest, five major competitions were organized namely- mime, skit, play, monoact & nukkad. These five events were divided into three slots, one on each day of Dharohar.
While in mime, the gestures spoke for the artists, in skit, the spontaneity of the actors was displayed. While plays displayed the team-work, monoact dealt with individuality.

The literary section had the following two events:
1) ANTARBODH: The Debate Competition.
Giving the traditional debate form a different and enlivening structure, the debate competition was made a 2-day event, with 2 rounds a day. The first day was the eliminations, out of which the selected 8 teams played the visual extempore round. On the second day, the teams played a very exciting round of block-attack. Following this, the bottom 6 teams played a surprise visual round for the 3rd place while the top two teams played the finale- the parliamentary round.

2) VIGYAPTI: The Social Paper Presentation Competition.
“The causes are many, the solutions are many, sufferers and the healers are many...but the concern and the crust is one.” Introducing for the first time, Vigyapti was a non-technical paper presentation in which the participants were required to study any social, political or spiritual topic and then analyze it from their own perspective. From the various abstracts received, the top 20 teams were invited to present their paper in the final round, which was organized on day two and day three of the fest. The event brought up with itself various eye-opening issues and facts and succeeded in its aim of promoting awareness among the students.

The moving crowds moved by and got caught in fun filled events like Patangbaazi, Mehendi, Vaividhya-the photography contest, Mehendi competition, Alpana etc. The participants followed their heart and revealed in liberation.
1. Patangbaazi- all the kite runners were attracted to the Gandhi ground as the competition started. Students got into their grooves and discovered their sky with the festivity of kite flying.

2. Mehendi-the henna brought out the creativity of the students as it left its color and fragrance of appreciation.

3. Vaividhya- The creative and budding photographers clicked a niche for themselves by capturing the moments. They got the chance to showcase their collection, and made the world stand still praising their work.

4. Alpana-the rangoli competition showcased the colors of culture blended together with the artistic skills of the young minds portraying their vibrant thoughts.


Gazal Bharadwaj said...

great work. Cheers 2 Dharohar- 2010 discover thy cult...

swati agarwal said...

wondreful work done....kudos to all macaites...hoping to do better this tym..

raul said...

best event at pantnagar till date....

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