Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are we really free???

When our great leaders had put their lives on stake and fought for the independence of our country,they had dreamt of having a nation in which the countrymen will be free in their thoughts,in their actions and in their living. They had dreamt of an India in which there would be no poverty,no untouchability and no illiteracy.All would be equal and would enjoy the amenities of life.There would be no quarrels of caste and religion and Hindus and Muslims would live together like brothers.But the question is despite living in an independent and democratic country,are we still free?

Are we really passionate towards our lives ? Is our focus clear? Are we not addicted to beliefs ?Are we taking the required decisions ? We have 6 fundamental rights in our consitution we read them memorise them but does everyone takes them with the right meaning ? In such a modern era don't we need to understand every thing with a clear intellect ?Are we not young enough ? Who has to change ? The world or we???

So, we leave the question for you...
And your answer depends on a number of things... most importantly, on how do you define 'freedom'... also remember what Tagore said-

"Emancipation from the bondage of soil, is no freedom for the tree..."

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