Thursday, January 22, 2009

langa brothers

Here came another stunning performance capable of making the audience hold their breath and leave them mesmerized with an all refreshing and rhythmic experience of rajasthani culture and acquainting them with its varied colors .The langa brothers performed at Ratan Singh auditorium of the campus and left the audience awestruck with the magnificence of the performance. The student community swarmed into the hall to witness this energetic and passionate performance by the renowned gharana of Rajasthan. The efforts proved to be worthwhile experiencing the sangam of a tranquilizing soul touching music blended with the beats, rhythm and energy characteristic of Rajasthani folk music.
The performance brought with it an entire kaleidoscope of the heart touching music from the distant land of sand dunes, the images of maroon turbans, the caravans, the colourful attire, the delicate white bangles, the rhythmic dances, the grandeur of the mahals and rajawadas, the very land of glory, valour and energy, and which indeed is the soul and spirit of the land of ragas- our very own Rajasthan!
Witnessing this grand performance was an experience of a lifetime- with the strings of the instruments resonating with the heartbeats, one could feel the fathom of emotions whirling in the distant chords of Rajasthani music.
The Langa bothers earned the invaluable 'Daad' from a connoisseur audience as well as the demands for specific ragas based songs to be played, which they entertained with a high degree of perfection, leaving everyone mesmerized.
These efforts bore fruits with an immense success in the endeavor for being in the proximity of great masters in different areas of our rich cultural arts, learning from them and watching them perform.
We hope that this showcase of diverse Indian cultural heritage continues to enrich our lives with a deep appreciation for the richness of our culture, and hope that SPIC MACAY maintains this momentum to bring forth such quality programs in future too.

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