Sunday, September 6, 2009

'preserving the tradition...'

“A tent with the hues of Indianness.
Diversity of innumerous stalls reflecting contemporaneity.
The cadence of divine traditional Indian music.

But this is not all about PARAMPARA. Parampara, the stall which we at Spic Macay put in The National Kissan Mela each year is a festival, a celebration, an effort of keeping alive the mores; of preserving the tradition…

March 3,2009:
Vice Chancellor Dr. B. S. Bisht inaugurated the 85th All India Farmer’s fair and Agro-Industrial exhibition, popularly called The Kissan Mela, the four day seminal event at the Gandhi Lawns of Govind Ballabh pant University of Agriculture and Technology. Parampara, the stall which we, at Spic Macay, Pantnagar Chapter organize each year in this mega event with the motive of demonstrating and selling authentic and ethnic Indian goods, celebrated once again the colours of Indianness by exhibiting Indian goods from neighbouring places like Rudrapur, Haldwani, Nainital, Dehradun and even Jaipur and Lucknow.
Located centrally-just a few meters from the main entrance and alongside the main street, the stall covered a wide area drawing maximum attention of the crowd.

Parampara-08-09- The varied stalls: Parampara--08-09 sprouted up with a wide spectrum of stalls like those of Cane work, Brass work, paintings and handicrafts, wax work, handlooms along with food stalls from different regions of India. The Lassi stall as well as The music stall comprising a rare collection of classical and devotional Indian music cassettes and cds were the main attractions of Parampara-09. The stalls were managed by the invited shopkeepers, while some by the Spic Macay executive body members themselves.

The turnover:
The mass inflow in the Kisan Mela per day is 50,000 approx. (according to the census taken by the university). With an astonishing 90 percent turn-over of the entire crowd per day, Parampara-09 was highly appreciated by the masses which included the university students, the faculty members and their families as well as the visitors to the fair from outside like farmers, dealers and businessmen, industrialists etc. The stall was awarded ‘special’ in the closure ceremony of the fair
Moments of celebration and togetherness:
For us, the executive body members of Spic Macay, Parampara-08-09 came up with a package of wonderful moments of fun, frolic and togetherness. It was a four day festival which enhanced the spirit of dedication towards the noble cause we work for. The winding up of the stalls on the final day of the fair was followed by a small holi celebration among the body members. While the tent was being uprooted that evening, Harit Joshi, the President for the academic year 2008-09 exclaimed, “ Am witnessing the third Parampara being uprooted. And the Tradition should go on…”

Three cheers to PARAMPARA-08-09
'preserving the tradition
creating a revolution...'

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