Friday, February 12, 2010


Thy cult is the charismatic direction,

Thy quest for spirit and ecstasy,

Thy urge for essential self.

Thy cult is the unorthodox hub,

Thy populace so unperturbed,

Thy envoy of every hue.

Thy cult is the idol of admiration,

Thy pride, thy honor,

Thy treasured pursuit.

Thy cult is the unending fad,

Thy status so looked up at,

Thy all the rage passion.

Thy cult is the magnificent intensification,

Thy revolution to evolve,

Thy invention, thy discovery.

Thy cult is the cradle of universal power,

Thy link to the ultimate One,

Thy unconscious extreme...

Discover Thy self.

Discover Thy cult...

- Pooja Rautela

Executive body member

Discover Thy cult This Dharohar...


Anonymous said...

we celebrate culture through innovations...!!

swati agarwal said...

we celebrate culture through innovations..!!!

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