Friday, October 15, 2010

Paramparaa' 10

Still the fragrance is in the air as still i can smell thy cane furniture,
The hedge are still singing the melody of love care and oneness,
The palm tree is still standing tall like those four days only,
The silver foil is still shining in the moonlight (signifying the greatness and grace of this society),
Those four days which I spent here are still alive at this place,
Still I can imagine the couples gossiping together,
But the songs of dedication are missing and replaced by vehicle’s hustle bustle,
These men are taking away the last few tables on which our sweats drops,
Or rather d autographs of our dedication and hard work,
Upturned empty lassi glasses filled with the untold story of a milestone,
The hedges still echoes the frequent giggles of the body members,
Still that ordinary paan made nice with sophisticated shayari’s,
Still the wings are there,
The commotion is there,
The banner still reads the legend - PARAMPARAA

-Shivam Sharma

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