Monday, October 20, 2014

Paramparaa’14: our Heritage, our Culture


SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter starts off the session Paramparaa’14. It was organized at the National Kisan Mela at the Gandhi Grounds of Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology from 5th to 8th    Oct’14. As the name suggests, Paramparaa is an event to showcase our old yet awe inspiring Indian traditional handicrafts and craftworks. A lot of effort is put up by the members of the society who work tirelessly to spread the message among the masses.




The decoration work was as crucial as the selection of the stalls to be put up. The main attraction of the stalls was the Portrait of a typical Indian lady dressed in the Indian wears and heavy ethnic   jewelleries.  Moreover the royal and majestic elephants magnificently decorated were hung up at the entrance wings. The craft piece work in the form of fishes and hangings gave a warm welcome feel to the stalls and added up to the ethnic look of the stall.





The stalls promoted both our Indian goods and snacks. At the wings we had bhelpuri, banarasi paan, badi and papad. Handmade jute bags and elegant murtis were the main attractions of the stalls. There were also herbal and ayurvedic stall for health, beauty and personal care. The other stalls included carpet stall, CDs of old classical music as well as Gazals, refreshing lassi and bead stall. The stall was visited by the reputed dignitaries, officials, local residents, students and professors of the university, in addition to various individuals attending the National Kisan Mela from various cities around the nation.


All this in addition to the parantha breakfast every morning amongst the members added a bookmark to our memories which would be with us for time immemorial .The complete event was a huge platform for the second year body members   to learn about the functioning of the society and its efforts towards such a major cause. These four days made us realize that we all are the members of a beautiful family, The  SPIC  MACAY , Pantnagar Chapter  Family.








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