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Dharohar '16 - The Annual National Cultural and Literary Festival of G.B.P.U.A.T., Pantnagar was organized with grandeur by SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter from 14th to 17th March, 2016. With unwonted competitions in the fields of dramatics, dance, music, debating and other creative events, Dharohar'16 left an indelible imprint on the masses.
The fest commenced with the entrancing event ‘Ahwaal’- The Dramatics Competition, providing a platform to young lambent artists. The performers kept the audiences riveted with their remarkable acts on the theme –‘The Empty Chair’. This was followed by one of the most awaited events of Dharohar, ‘Jharokha- the movie fest’. The event rejuvenated everyone, showing the recent intriguing movie ‘Jai Gangaajal’ at Gandhi Auditorium.

The second day began with ‘Antarbodh’- the Debate Competition, where the most magnanimous voices of the university battled with words, sharing their ideas and opinions on a myriad of topics prevailing in the society. Meanwhile, the participants walking down the ramp electrified the air with their dazzling dresses commixing a touch of ethnicity at ‘Parivesh’-The Ethnic Ramp Show. They pulled off the theme ‘Melange’ unerringly. After that, ‘Parichay’- The Quiz Competition proved to be an excellent source of exposure for the young minds. With exciting rounds, ‘Parichay’ tested the participants on their knowledge, spontaneity and proficiency, seeking the brightest mind in the campus. 
Gandhi Auditorium echoed with melodies on the second evening of the fest with ‘Raaga’-The Singing Competition leaving the audience in a magnetic trance. This was followed by ‘Jhanak’- The Dance Competition where the participants graced the stage with their amazing dance, tapping their feet to the musical rhythm. The theme ‘Never Ending Rain’ was well justified by the participants by a mesmerizing blend of music and dance which titillated everyone.
The third day kicked off with ‘Roobaroo’- The Personality Hunt Competition, which gave a podium to the participants to showcase their exquisite personalities through the different enthralling rounds of the event. . Full of zeal and enthusiasm, the participants astounded everyone with their talent and skills. 

‘Mehfil’ - the mesmerizing and enthralling artist evening experienced the beauty of Indian Folk Music by the world renowned ‘Shree Kheta Khan’ and Troupe .The troupe featured the seven jewels of the Manganiyars and the Kalbelias. Attracting a huge crowd, the event earned walloping accolades. The chief guest of the evening, Dr. S.P.Singh, the Dean of Student Welfare of the university, congratulated the artists and extolled them.
The fourth day ushered in with ‘Vigyapti’-The Social Paper Presentation, providing an ideal platform to the participants to express their opinions in an effective manner. Participants put forward their perceptive of the existing social issues enervating the society. Meanwhile, ‘Vaividhya’- the open air event was an ideal way for the participants to gain valuable exposure for their art work and to exhibit their talent to a wider audience. It included Rangoli making, Mehendi, Kite flying, Puppet making and Best out of waste competitions. The day concluded with ‘Junoon- The Band Show’ which brought enthralling choruses with classical touch and a spirit that lifted the whole crowd to an atmosphere which was full of eagerness and fervor.
With this Dharohar'16 concluded with great beatitude and rejuvenated everyone!

-Tanisha Mahajan, Pooja Goswami, Ayushi Kalra, Shruti Bhatt, Saima Tabassum

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