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After the grand success of DHAROHAR’12 , DHAROHAR’13 brought lots of hopes and enthusiasm amongst the people. The first day of Dharohar enlightened the hearts of everybody with  expectations.

It marked with the beginning of  “ANTARBODH”-The Debate Competiton in which the participants expressed their inevitable thoughts and group discussions took place.The winners of ‘ANTARBODH’ Deeksha Singhal ,Gaurav Kumar,Pranav Pandey were given cash prize and Tata Docomo Photon+.

The second half of the day witnessed “JHAROKHA”,the movie fest.This year the crowd of Pantnagar witnessed the movie which grabbed many Oscars  “Life of Pie” . Dharohar had more to offer to its audience with the enthralling events “Jhanak” and “Raaga”. 
The teams presented their beautiful and exotic dance forms on the theme “Mid summer night dreams”. The winners of ‘JHANAK’ Maveriks (group category) ,Sayantani Bhoumik (solo category) and Sonali Gupta and Snigdha Srivastava(duet category) were awarded with cash prize and gifts from Madame ,Pizza Bite and Tata Docomo as well.

The second day was a bright sunny one filled with music, colors and laughter. Hundreds of colourful kites reaching high in the sky invited the crowd to  VAIVIDHYA, the open air event organised in assosciation with Pizza Bite, comprising of various competitions like Mehendi, Kite flying, Rangoli, and Nail art, Best out of waste, Sketching and Painting. 

 The music and the colourful flags demarking the Gandhi ground added to the lively ambience of the event where everyone enjoyed to the fullest. Free Pizza bite coupons were given to all the participants, and free Tata Docomo sims were given to the winners of various events. 

“VIGYAPTI”, the social paper presentation and “AHWAAL”, the dramatics fest were held, parallel at different venues. Sonali gupta was the winner of monoact in Ahwaal, ‘third theatre’ secured first position for play and Deeksha Singhal won in the mime category in Ahwaal. Shweta Gupta, Eram Fatima, Devanshi Panu, Bhumika Vishnoi  were the winners of vigyapti, awarded with the free Tata Docom plugins. All the other participants of both the events were provided with free Tata Docomo sims, free Pizza Bite coupons and madame coupuns.

“PARIVESH” - The ethnic ramp show added to the glorifying persona of the models. The theme for the event was, ‘V’- the sound. The show was worth a watch, as teams came up with much innovation in dresses as well as designing. Eco-friendly materials were used by most of the teams for designing their dresses. “Varenstalters”, the winners of parivesh, were given a number of gifts and a nice amount of price money. All the other team participants were given free madame coupons.

To raise the spirits of the audience to the beats of the music, PARIVESH was followed by “JUNOON”, the fusion band war. ‘Bhairva’, a band from Dehradun added delight to the show. The audience was enthralled by the performances of all the bands, with “Rooh”, being the winner of the grand event. All the winners and participants were awarded with attractive prizes.

 After an ecstatic night  of Junoon, came the 3rd day packed with fun filled learning and whole new experience.

The day initiated with a very informative, Technical Open House Disscussion: SAMVAAD in association with Defence Research And Development Organisation (DRDO) headed by Director DIBER , Dr.Zakwan Ahmed and various other dignitaries. They made us aware about recent technical and innovative developments and researches taking place in nations.

Our search for most influencing and strong personality of year 2013 ended up on Utkarsh Pandey in our personality hunt i.e, "ROOBAROO". Compiled of questions and tasks from all the genres, Roobaroo proved to be a perfect platform to groom one's personality and to express one's inevitable thoughts.

Then we gave students of Pantnagar an opportunity to voice their opinions with unassasible words in Hindi ANTARBODH: the debate competition where it was Kanchan Kumar Kandpal bagged the first prize.

Finally we entered into the world of enthralling magnanimity and an enchanting vicinity of Sarod played by Pt.Mukesh Sharma accompanied by Ehsaan Ali and Arshad Khan on Tabla and Sharif Ali on Tanpura. The whole air was filled with serene tunes of ultimately mesmerizing and mind smoothening music in MEHFIL: the artist night.

DHAROHAR’13 ended with a great pomp adding another feather of success in the cap of SPIC MACAY , Pantnagar Chapter .

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