Monday, December 3, 2012

A Gotipua Dance Performance

Gotipua, an Oriya etymon, which refers to a single boy dressed as female, who dances to praise Lord Jagganath& Krishna, has now evolved as traditional dance form of the state of Orissa. It has been performed in Orissa for centuries.

The artist night held on 21st November, 2012 features the scintillating performance depicting this dance form by 10 young dancers, a choir group and their mentor, Guru Bijay Sahoo.

The event started with the lighting of Deepshikha  by the esteemed Deans and Directors of various colleges. The event was graced by presence of dignitaries like Dean of Student Welfare sir, Deans and Directors, the Staff Counsellor and faculties of all colleges.
The staff counsellor, Dr. A.K. Upadhyay, introduced and welcomed the artists with a bouquet.


The beats of Gotipua left everyone enthralled; their dance was more of acrobatics and formations, which was enjoyed by one and all, who had an opportunity to witness the memorable evening.

The artist earned huge hearty praise, applause and compliments for their highly anticipated and enthusiastic performance.
The evening came to an end with a spellbound audience, who wished to sere more of the artist.

The artists were blessed and honoured with momentos by the esteemed guests, who added that they would wish to see more of Gotipua in the coming events.

It was an awesome experience for the audience and even more for SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter body.

 - Kritika Mittal & Priyanka Joshi

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