Tuesday, August 6, 2013


With innumerable dreams and expectations, we entered a new arena of our life, ‘Pantnagar University’. Several orientations for famous societies and bureaus were conducted by our seniors, but one such student body which has been towering all the others, flashed an inevitable spark in the minds and souls of the freshers. It is none other than ‘SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter’.
All through the year, various events conducted by SPIC MACAY like Parampara, Dharohar and many more created a widespread spellbound among us.
The inductions of SPIC MACAY created a perfect ambience of excitement and desires amongst us and the fact that the inductions are specifically conducted at the end of academic year so that the students can effectively decide the best for themselves added a lot of essence to it.
Apart from academics, we wanted to build up our personality and groom ourselves. We wanted a platform to put forth our talents and learn new things. To equip ourselves with clear understandings and broaden our perspective, we found SPIC MACAY the best place with good interaction with our seniors, a family away from home was found.
Holding a desire to be part of the society and hopes to become a better human being we appeared for the inductions of SPIC MACAY and to our surprise at the end of the inductions, we were asked to rank ourselves, so that we could know where we stand in the crowd. This was class apart. Moreover, the ease of inductions, formal approach of the panel we were quite comfortable in answering the board and it added confidence in us.
The day of the declaration of the results proved to be an ecstasy for all of us who became the few fortunate students to get the privilege to become ‘MACAITES’.
After being inducted our very first event was the farewell of our dear final year. We were novices to this society but that single day we got a sudden realisation that we have been blessed with a family away from home .The inseparable bonds which hold the members of this society together enthralled us with pride and passion.
With a vision to become a better person, a dream to soar in the sky of success,a passion to promote our nation’s rich heritage and a firm determination to explore our capabilities to the utmost we will try our best to serve the society and hold high the torch which represents the respectable legacy and its meritorious services to this university thereby adding more features to the cap of SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter.

- Upasana Uniyal,Vibhu Naithani,Gitika Pandey,Ankita Datta,Suditi Chand

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The Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY was established on 15th Feb.,1984, and through these years, we have evolved in knowledge, exposure and experience. With the ceaseless efforts of the Chapter members, the Staff Counsellor, and the University Administration, and amalgamated with the patronage of the dozens of Indian classical dance and music forms, the Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY has had the opportunities to witness some of the greatest living exponents of the traditional Indian art forms. It is our endeavor to help disseminate the best of the Indian classical heritage with its attendant legends, rituals, mythologies and philosophies to young students and professionals.