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Dharohar ’15 –the Annual National Cultural and Literary Festival of G.B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology was organized on a grand level by SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter from 24th -26th March. It was a welcomed change from the drowsy labs and lecture notes. With hourlies nowhere near, the students flocked to the arena to ‘discover thy cult’ which was lurking somewhere inside them. Dharohar'15 saw an overwhelming participation, with students showcasing their artistic and literary acumen.
The fest started with the inaugural event, Antarbodh- the English Debate Competition, in which the debaters skilfully presented their combination of knowledge and oratory powers. Gaurav Pandey and Sumit Bhandari bagged the first position by giving tough competition.
This year we introduced a new event Parichay- the Quiz Competition, which turned out to be a grand success. The team of Akshay Badola and Aman Kaushik was the winner of the event.
On one hand these formal events kept the majority of the crowd busy while on the other, Parivesh-the ethnic ramp walk reached new heights and spurred passion amongst everyone when the teams emblazoned their debonair aspect to enrapture the audience with the theme “Not just a....” with the 'Immortals' being the winning team.

Finally the big day concluded with Junoon-The Fusion Band War which stood as an unforgettable experience for the audience when the renowed band ‘Agastaya’ instigated the audience to tap their feet to the beats. Amidst all, the bands, ‘Black labels’ exemplified the true meaning of showmanship, winning hundreds of hearts. The second day started with Vigyapti- the social paper presentation competition in which the participants were required to study any social, political or spiritual topic and then analyse it from their own perspective. The event succeeded in its aim of promoting awareness among the students. At the same time the most awaited personality hunt, Roobaroo, was ultimately there to showcase the skills and talents of all gizmo freaks and provided a taste of thrill and fun to all the students who were hungry to be a part of it.Although a very tough competition was witnessed, the first position was eventually bagged by Vaibhav Garg. Meanwhile, Ahwaal- the dramatics competition gave a platform to the young actors to showcase their scintillating skills with teams portraying several images of social evils and the inactivity of human conscience in the form of skit and monoact 

Vaividhya- the open air event which included rangoli, kite flying, nail art, puppet making, mehndi and best out of waste spread in the aura the sweet smell of the soils of true India, and the creativity of participants came out with flying colors.
This Dharohar, Mehfil-the Artist Night witnessed the finest blend of Indian classical music by the magnificent and globally renowned Indian Folk singer Mrs. Malini Awasthi. The Chief Guest of the evening, Dr. Mangala Rai, the honourable Vice Chancellor, GBPUAT, congratulated the artist. Mrs. Malini Awasthi enlivened the huge crowd with her euphonious notes.
The third day of the fest began with Antarbodh-the Hindi Debate Competition with Sudhar Pandey winning the battle with his oratory powers. On the other hand Vigyapti- the social paper presentation came to an end with the victory of Urvashi Manral and Sapna Negi. This was followed by the Movie fest-Jharokha organised at the Gandhi Auditorium in which one of the most inspiring Hollywood movies, 'Interstellar', was shown.
 Ecstasy reached its greater height when the participants went berserk to rock singers and drooled in emotions when soft melodies astonished everyone in Raaga-the singing competition. This was followed by Jhanak-the dance competition which urged the spectators to stand up to their feet and cheer the participants. Mavericks best justified the theme “the cadence of the big blue cosmos”. 
With this concluded the three day fest that provided an impetus that forced the students to portray their abilities among a great audience and jury, and also enthralled the hearts impinging with it the tokens of our Incredible Indian Culture.

-Milasha Puspwan, Nidhi Marothiya, Akanksha Panwar, Purva Kulshreshtha.

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