Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Welcoming the new dawn

With umpteen dreams, hopes and aspirations in our eyes, we set our foot on the beautiful campus of Pantnagar. We all were excited to embark on our new voyage with enthusiasm that was sky high. Just like an infant grows up by unfolding the colors of journey that we call ‘Life’, we explored, experienced and dug into every corner of ourselves to change and transform into our better versions. We drove ourselves through crawling lectures, zealous events, and dreaded hourlies. As first year was about to end with numerous set of some-good-some-not-so-good memories, little did we know that we were about to be a part of a movement, a family, a society that would bind us with an inseparable bond that would last forever.

Being flooded with messages from our peers who congratulated us for getting inducted in SPIC MACAY (after a session of heated personal interview) was a cherished moment for us all. We all entered the SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter with our first FBM (The Full Body Meeting). We witnessed why SPIC MACAY was like a family that was so strongly bonded that it made goodbye a real heart-aching task. Although, we were not familiar with our seniors, we could see the love and dedication they had for the society and the pain they felt now as they were bidding good bye to this place. Then came the season of farewell. The farewell of SPIC MACAY 2011-15 batch was full of emotions that can’t be described in mere words. We all were gripped in the aura of the moment & wished the clock would stop ticking. But we knew: Time waits for none. We had to bid adieu and take the responsibility of keeping the soul of the society as vibrant as ever.

The new session kick started and we were pumped up with enthusiasm to achieve new heights. To take us from basics to complicated, we were introduced with ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of the society. A workshop was organized by our seniors where we witnessed what it takes to organize events of such high stature, what is expected of us and what norms must be followed to keep the spirit of the society intact. We realized how much faith our seniors had in all of us. There was an unspoken promise to make the society reach the pinnacle of glory.

The first task in SPIC MACAY, Teacher’s Day Celebration, proved to be a successful teamwork. The realization dawned on us that if we are reading this today, we should thank our teachers. In the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly, we often forget to thank that one personality who, like a candle, consumes itself to light the way for others. We gifted handmade cards to our teachers to evince our sense of gratitude. It is rightly said that ‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.’

We feel highly honoured to be a part of such reputed society which is helping us dwell into our roots and know about our rich culture, heritage and traditions, which are fast disappearing in this modern world. SPIC MACAY, which believes in the old saying of ’Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, i.e., the whole world is our family, has made tremendous contribution in the society by awakening the youth of the modern day and leading them towards the right track, helping them to discover their glorious past and trying to rebuild the India of ‘Ethnicity, Tradition and Culture’ that once existed.

-Rhythima Tripathi, Mandeep Kaur, Sony Bora, Shruti Bhatt, Shruti Thareja, Saima Tabassum

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The Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY was established on 15th Feb.,1984, and through these years, we have evolved in knowledge, exposure and experience. With the ceaseless efforts of the Chapter members, the Staff Counsellor, and the University Administration, and amalgamated with the patronage of the dozens of Indian classical dance and music forms, the Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY has had the opportunities to witness some of the greatest living exponents of the traditional Indian art forms. It is our endeavor to help disseminate the best of the Indian classical heritage with its attendant legends, rituals, mythologies and philosophies to young students and professionals.