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DHAROHAR, The Annual National Cultural and Literary Festival of G.B.P.U.A.T., Pantnagar marked one of the baronial celebrations of zeal and power organised by SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter. Dharohar’18 was held from 16th to 18th March, 2018. Like every year, the fest imprinted the hearts with its halo and excellence. The multiple talent showcasing platforms witnessed the freshness and cult of the growing youth. The series of events were peculiarly contemplated to carve out every hue of talent and joy, finely blended with aroma of culture, rhythm and art. The participants very well reflected their zeal to conquer, be it in the battle of words, brains, music or dance. Everyone came out acing their strength and courage, some in form of winning and some in form of experiences.

The fest embarked with the entrancing event 'Roobaroo'- The Personality Hunt, where the participants harnessed their core to bring out a new and shining personality within. The entire event consisted of multiple rounds to judge an individual’s versatile personality. The ultimate self that everyone mirrored was a maiden persona. This was followed by 'Parivesh'- The Ethnic Ramp Show. The classic taste of clothing in mixture with vogue design of protuberance justified the theme “ALCHEMY TO IMBIBE”. Teams ramp walked not only the stage but also fears, odds and fluctuations in the society. It expressed how a mere dress can present a whole scenario. Meanwhile, the participants channelized their extreme emotions in the set of meaningful statements and assertive dialects. Students were given a chance to express their opinions on some of the fervent topics in the society in 'Vigyapti'- The Social Paper Presentation. Every statement was well defined to hit the right chord in direction of global welfare. This was followed by 'Jharokha'- The Movie Fest. The colourful cinematic of Bollywood prettily composed into a framework of drama, power, fears, joy, contemplations and ultimate success were showcased through Raj Kumar Rao starrer TRAPPED.

The second day commenced with 'Antarbodh’- The Debate Competition, where conquers of desire lead their ways in debating and released primacy. The participants shined their armours in both Hindi and English languages. The control over rages and yet turning over voices formed a heated surrounding of words wounded in contentions and surmises. Meanwhile, the entire ambience was filled with melodious enchants of Taal and Sargam in 'Raaga'- The Singing Competition. Abode of beauty was defined by echoing swaras of emotions with heart soothing voices. Each participant was like a sparkling star in a night full of talent. The composed posture yet a raging voice marked a golden aspiration for the coming years. After that 'Parichay'- The Quiz Competition, where everyone with superfluous knowledge tested their extents of brain to the limits they could stretch, not like an ordinary quiz show but well analysed and tabulated sets of rounds were designed out to flow their knowledge in the direction of victory.
This year, the vibrance of art astonished us with two artist evenings and the evenings were sparkled with the aura of proficient artists for two days. 'Prastuti'- The first Artist Evening, held on 17th March was acknowledged with the impedance of renowned classical dancers and vocalist.The sonorous voice of Dr. Hitu Mishra with preciseness of phonetics and fervour tabla beats of Gurmeet Singh Ji accompanied with cadenced music by renowned harmonium player, Ustad Chand Mia ji mesmerized the audience. It was exalted to a next stratum of eminence when the Kathak Duo, Shri Deepak Aurora and Sreeparna Chakraborty with the fusion of their expressions with extreme fast and intricate footwork and spins with their technical perfection and energetic performance filled everyone with enthusiasm and excitement. Every taken beat, tatkal, mudra and parikrama reflected swiftness along with serenity. Truly the night was like a gleaming star. 

The third day kicked off with 'Ahwaal'- The Dramatics Competition. We define drama as an art of expression and when staged in multiple forms, it reflects truth and serenity. All the presented performances were equally confounding. It exemplified that inherent skills of acting, direction, teamwork and leadership qualities can dramatize expression to create impression. Meanwhile, 'Vaividhya'- The Open Air Events provided a perfect platform as it asked for raw talents in natural skills of mehndi, rangoli, best out of waste and puppet making. That too was very well aced by the participants where exquisite designs of mehndi and rangoli, vernal yet elegant innovations in best out of waste and puppet making, truly proved how simple materials can be used to create beauty. But, the delectation was still not completed without a fun and recreational series of kite flying. In all, it was summed up with tonnes of smiles and gleaming fun. After that, 'Jhanak'- The Dance Competition, an awaited afternoon was filled with orchestic spirit of stance and fluidity. When the stage was lit up in fire with incessant solo, duet and group performances, the entire series of power and energy well mixed with emotions and learnings depicted few hours of amazement and primacy.
The day concluded with 'Mehfil’- The Artist Evening and the delectation doubled when the consecutive evening presented skills from the auspicious clod of Rajasthan, The Manganiyars who are famous for their classical folk music. The heady, hypnotic rhythm and melodies sung by The Manganiyars were a part of the eternal appeal of the magical and wondorous evening. The soulful, full throated voices of these musicians filled the cool air of night in a tradition that reflects all aspects of Rajasthani life and delighted the audience. 
Summarising the events is like collecting years of learning and experiences in just three days. 
With this, Dharohar’18 very well conveyed its chronicles of excellence and cult and unlocked the sparkle in this endless journey. 

-Unnati, Manisha Mehra, Sangeeta Hyanki, Ashna Upadhyay, Roshni Chand

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