Tuesday, October 31, 2017


PARAMPARAA'17, the heritage fair, was organized with great fervor by SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter at 102nd National Kisan Mela from 6th to 9th Oct'17 at the dainty  ground of Gandhi Park at Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. The stall was dedicated to demonstrate and showcase authentic and ethnic Indian goods, thus creating belongingness for our rich culture.

The sedulous efforts of the body members in the decoration created a comely look of the stalls. The resplendent mirror displaying the beautifully decorated puppets inspired from Rajasthani culture marked an aesthetic entrance.

The  main attraction of the stall was the Palki, which depicted the grandeur and magnificence of Indian marriages and added to the charm of the stall. Hangings made of innovative paperwork and CDs looked vibrant and attractive.

The collective efforts of the body members made it possible to showcase a variety of ethnic goods and craftswork. The colorful and charming bangles at the bangle stall welcomed the guests at the entrance. The Lassi stall helped to quench the thirst of many in the scorching heat. The other stalls were Indian cutlery stall, cosmetic and artificial jewellery stall and the traditional kaleens and cushion stall. The beautiful hand crafted Rajasthani bags and the ethnic garment stall attracted many people. CDs of bhajans, songs of legendary singers and sufi songs were sought by many and added to promote Indian culture. The stall was visited by various dignitaries, faculty members, local residents, university students, farmers and other people from various regions of the nation. The items were widely appreciated by the crowd that thronged the stall.

The four days of Paramparaa provided the body members a plethora of experiences which glued them together in an inseparable bond. During the event, the body members learnt the leadership qualities required to manage a team and the importance of trivial tasks. It has been a very impactful event which provided them a platform full of eclectic challenges that induce one with congeniality, ethical workmanship and courage. The journey looks like a pipe dream if you are not accompanied by hard working and resourceful team members. But here, the body members made bonds that can move mountains together.

-Ashna Upadhyay,  Ananya Mathur,  Priyanka Kardam, Saloni Singh, Roshni Chand , Sangeeta Hyanki

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