Friday, November 16, 2018


Reviving our bequest and holding up with the onus of creating strong ties and preserving our inheritance, PARAMPARAA'18, the heritage fair, was organized with great exuberance by SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter at 104th National Kisan Mela from 5th to 8th Oct'18 at the ground of Gandhi Park at Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. We need diversity of thought in this world to elevate our benchmark. Initiating with the stalls which were ornamented with ethnic Indian goods and artifacts, a thoughtful gesture of diversity, illusion and, belonging was depicted. It was immensely overwhelming to witness numerous shades of our diverse culture coalesced at the stalls which were a symphony of our heritage.

The impact and influence of the proper decoration were imperative in enhancing the mood and for creating a perfect ambience at the event. In fact, the vivid ethnic decorations added some zing to the tedious team. The entrance decorated with a whickering horse, was an auspicious sign of eminent energy and enthusiasm, which helped us in our teamwork.

The gleam on the faces of the customers and visitors after seeing the knick-knack of stalls was plenteous to demonstrate the exhilaration of body members. The main attraction of the stall was the cart of antiquity, that is, the "Rath", embedded with beautiful adornments. The magnificent "Rath" with its elegance served as the magnum opus. The vibrant and ingeniously created hangings and poles added to the grandeur of the stall.

The endeavour of body members was profound in every minimal artifact, from the arrangement of stalls to the perfect placement of every element in the stall. The jingling sounds made by the metal bangles and the teeny-tiny handcrafted glass bangles at the bangle stall welcomed the customers graciously. Quenching the thirst of people in the scorching heat, the lassi stall emerged as an emancipator for the crowd. The Indian handicraft stall which made its way from Kolkata, was predominantly adored. The other stalls were Indian kurti stall, the traditional furniture cover stall and woollen stall. Many dignitaries, faculty members, local residents, university students, farmers and other people from various regions of the nation visited and appreciated the stalls.

The four days of PARAMPARAA marked a journey which is ineffable. Working with the stall owners, the body members discovered their fathomless potential. From managing extreme crowd to working in the tantalizing pressure, they expanded their own limits. PARAMPARAA provided a channel to link all the members together, from ingesting the moments of rejoice and synchronizing their work to providing solace in the beguile heat. Eventually, everyone got fastened in a family-like bond.

PARAMPARAA'18 has been an efficacious event. It rendered a plethora of memories and experience to the body members.The sparkling journey of four days evocated them with moments worth reminiscing. The endless joys working together, facing new challenges, and dealing the incoming world in an innovative manner, tied each one of them in such a bond which can never be uprooted. The society slowly unloaded its rainy showers upon the body members, thereby watering them to create strong roots and expecting them to grow into a fruitful tree which can even withstand the storms. Epitomising the very essence of excellence, PARAMPARAA sewed threads of belonging and integrity into a holistic patch. The reminiscence still simmers in everyone's soul; bidding farewell has always been tough but a pleasure when it promises to return with a whole new kaleidoscopic set of duties and fervour.

-Aayushi  Bhattacharya, Shruti Mishra, Harsha Saxena, Ekta Bisht, Priyanka Arya, Aditi Gangola

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Embracing the Ingressing Dawn

"When its time for you to venture out, don't let fear have you looking back at what you're leaving behind". Moving into college and moving away from home, was a new dawn in our lives. The celtic myths, inquisitive curiosity and a will to learn new things in life was the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. Having these thoughts, we were here in Pantnagar, a campus amidst verdure and calmness in the air.
The trail of memories is a diary that we all cradle in the womb of our heart and our diary of innocent selfless friendships, playful mischiefs, fresh insights was just unscrambled with the whiff of fresh leaves waiting to be inked with the untasted flavours of ever new experiences. Embracing every chance of contentment, we were enduring the upcomings which were being offered to us in the campus, and were busy whistling our joyousness at the fun fests with our new flock of buddies. Besides the busy eight to five college schedule, there was a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, pursuing any given task, had it been a trail of monotonous chores or exhilarating jobs. The chapter of our freshmen year was just at the verge of adjournment and we were scribbling those wonderful experiences on the soft clay of our psyche when a notice slipped in regarding the inductions of SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter and the beautiful journey began.
Nervous, excited and thrilled at the same time, we were there, ready to witness the inductions grasping the nitty gritty of the society and adhering to the professionalism carried as a badge by each member of the society. Inductions were a part where we found out who we are; our strengths, weaknesses, caliber and areas of interest. We were then informed about the selection through a notice which was put in every hostel of the university.
We attended the first full body meeting and knew that sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up and changed when the first glimpse of responsibility was laid on our shoulders. We were anxious of the new ventures that were going to whizzle our doorstep. These were the experiences of our first full body meeting. Our seniors were so welcoming and affectionate. Being in SPIC MACAY, Pantnagar Chapter all in all renders a sense of belonging.
Soon came the time to bid farewell to our seniors. The aura contained in itself a sense of joy and grief at the same time. The shine in the eyes of our respected final year, was a sign that the performances by their juniors were compelling their minds to play a flashback of their memories from dusk till dawn. Then, our final year unlatched their treasured chest of reminiscence. There were emotions flowing in the vicinity. Their experiences aspired us so much that we were craved to learn every single whit of wisdom. Their distinctive vibes which illuminated our minds showcased by itself that they were incarnated, known for their wit, erudition, and technical skills and distinct from the layman. Our society will always retain this magical aura. It was hard to say goodbye to seniors yet, they made us realise that it's time to start afresh and trust the mystic of beginnings.
In a balanced organisation working towards a common adjective, there is success. Now was the time to fasten up to the responsibilities heeding our way. Under the guidance of mentors, we were being groomed for upcoming challenges through a workshop conducted by society members. The pieces were now being connected in our heads about what to do and how to do. We were acknowledged that we have been the pieces of charcoal and we can handle stress exceptionally well in the near future, this new outlook was instilled in our minds.
After the workshop, to perceive more about our society, we were assigned the task of making invitation cards for teachers day and also the organization of artist evening, PRASTUTI'18, which embarked the presence of divine Padmashree Ranjana Gauhar and her flawless disciples. Working together towards the same agenda, the body members, coming from diverse college backgrounds were integrated by the threads of unity forming a amalgamation and reflecting the diverse colors like a kaleidoscope does.
It feels great to be a part of a  society rich in tradition, to be a part of our heritage, and a part of our culture. Influenced by modern culture, the more discourteous we try to be, the more we miss the part of ourselves. But SPIC MACAY is like a self repeating reminder to influence us about our ethnicity, our originality and our roots.

-Anshika Gahlaut, Priyanka Bhatt, Nikita, Sushmita Arya, Harsha Saxena, Ekta, Neha Padaliya

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The Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY was established on 15th Feb.,1984, and through these years, we have evolved in knowledge, exposure and experience. With the ceaseless efforts of the Chapter members, the Staff Counsellor, and the University Administration, and amalgamated with the patronage of the dozens of Indian classical dance and music forms, the Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY has had the opportunities to witness some of the greatest living exponents of the traditional Indian art forms. It is our endeavor to help disseminate the best of the Indian classical heritage with its attendant legends, rituals, mythologies and philosophies to young students and professionals.