Friday, August 17, 2012


It was an ordinary evening,when we were busy with our daily tie ups and suddenly the corridor banged up with sounds "first year come out for orientation". Recognizing the SPIC MACAY seniors,a bit of interest aroused. Our seniors from all the colleges shared their experiences and the reasons for coming to the inductions of SPIC MACAY. We attended the inductions with a lot of excitement, hopes. A slight nervousness touched us at the time of interview because we were told by our batch mates and seniors
that the inductions of SPIC MACAY are "class apart" and very professional. Entering the room, the scenario was as expected, a panel was seated to judge and interview us. Each one of us was tested on the basis of our resume and the qualities we added to it. The self ranking that was to be done,in the end was the best part! listening people say you are better then them is always enjoyable!in a line we would say that the interview was indeed an experience worth gaining!
Time rolled on, everyone had started expecting the results and finally the day came. That single moment when our ears heard "Yes you did it" was so amazing. As our names were mentioned in the list under second year executive members, we could feel the great responsibility on our shoulders. There was a mixed emotion of pride,happiness and responsibility and we are looking forward to work as a team and prove our worth.
Ayushi Sharma,Kritika Mittal.

It was when my cell buzzed, expecting it to be a "not so important message", I left it as it was all of a sudden when my friend shouted "atleast msg toh padh le". It was a big surprise for I was selected in SPIC MACAY, and it was the first official message informing us about the first full body meeting "FBM". Even though it was our first meet, we felt as if yes! it's more a family than society and we are now a part of it. It began with a motivating speech from the President of society and then it was followed by the allotment of new posts to members. We as the newly added members were told about the ethics of SPIC MACAY and it's work culture. Sitting on the chairs over there, we felt our responsibility and our role towards SPIC MACAY.
After FBM, it was our turn to learn. It was for the very first time in the history of MACAY that a workshop was organised for its newly elected members on "PHOTOSHOP and HTML". We were on the seventh cloud and there was a feeling of achievement because that was something we wanted to learn . We finally got a chance to explore the technical side of ours.
Ankita Joshi,Pallavi Singhal.

Bidding Adieu has never been an easy task.Its the emptiest and yet the fullest of all the human messages. With most eyes remembering the moments shared together throughout these years in the MACAY FAMILY,the farewell ceremony called "LAMHE" began. Final year Ma'ams were in the beautiful saaries looking very gorgeous and elegant and sirs were flashing their handsomeness in their formal suits. One of the best part was the questionnaire round which was followed by the rapid fire round. After such enthralling
and joyous activities came the delicious lunch. It was an amazing feeling to eat together and share such a sweet moment.Being new to SPIC MACAY, we all were not familiar to what "MACAY FAMILY" actually meant before we could ourselves witness all of them together with no boundaries between the hearts, laughing, enjoying,eating,dancing under one roof.
Shivangi Joshi.

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