Thursday, October 18, 2012


"A blend of a perfect team work, jubilant visitors and enthralling experience….."
It was more than just a stall, with an indelible mark of tradition and a small gesture to upheaval the culture….
A warm welcome to the stall
The handmade decorations of the stall made its ambiance full of culture and heritage. The main 3D object that was the center of attraction was a peacock, depicting the beautiful colours and rich heritage of India. Moreover the craft piece depicting ethnic looking women in ‘Ghagra’ and traditional jewellery were put up as decoration at entrance wings. All the other decorations complemented these crafts work and added to the traditional look of the stall.
The feathers of glory

Decorative Hangings
In addition to the university students and general crowd, prominent personalities, as those of Professors, Deans, Staff Counselor  Vice Chancellors gave a visit to the ‘’much awaited’’ stalls, as the mentioned.
Ranging from a collection of unique carpets, to women Indian wear, from handlooms depicting traditional Indian motifs blend with modern ideas to herbal products taken exclusively from lap of nature, from beautiful cane creations to collection of completely aesthetic footwear and colourful and beautiful bangles, there was everything to give a glimpse of very rich Indian culture. Beads corner was another eminent attraction for the young world; all this complemented with 'paan' and 'refreshing lassi'…
Beads Corner

The crowd enjoying PARAMPARAA 
The crowd, every evening at the stall and even in the morning, as soon as the stall would open was a clear sign that the stall and its sheer fascinating and mesmerising ambiance was felt, liked and appreciated by all. 

-Kritika Mittal and Gunjan Tewari.

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