Thursday, September 14, 2017

Turning Over a New Leaf

"We need to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next." With this running in our mind, we moved to a new position, amidst the course of Pantnagar, ambrosial green campus residing in the route of the mighty hills. Our initial days speaking frankly were amazing without any doubt not just because we were to a new place but also because we were busy creating new memories to cherish them forever. We were too busy having fun and applauding new things. The days were surrounded with lectures that were quite tedious but yet it was interesting to catch-up new faces and make new friends in Pantnagar. Plenty of events lined up brought glitter on our faces and joy embraced all over the college campus. Reaching on cloud nine and experiencing the joy and bliss will always be cherished with few drags that was natural while gaining jubilation. Few days were left, for the diary of us as freshman to conclude but then a bookmark was left to be tagged- the inductions of SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter. The inductions of SPIC MACAY Pantnagar Chapter were a very unique experience for the first year. Professionalism could be witnessed in the organization and execution of the inductions. It was an enlightening experience for the first year as well. They got an opportunity to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. All the inductees were later informed about their selection through a notice which was put in every hostel of the university.
Afluttered for the first full body meeting, we were affably welcomed by our seniors. This brimmed us with family feelings. The meeting was very professional and everything was going in a coordinated manner.
Then the time came to accord our seniors with a momento of the cherishable time that they can reminiscent later on in their life, by adducing them heartily farewell by their beloved juniors. There were performances, each enlightening the aura of emotions of parting overflowing in the vicinity. One can easily sense the bond that all members shared. Our final year shared their memories with us making the environment sentimental. Saying goodbye to our seniors was a hard thing but their speech aflamed us with the enthusiasm to carry on the exorbitant flame of our society, that the more we give, the more we'll get.
An organization is edgeless, permeable, amorphous and constantly re-forming according to the need. For any organization, it becomes vital for its future bearers to know the nitty-gritty and the very basis of the society so that they can work in alliance with the motto and inculcate the norms of the society. In an endeavor to provide a glimpse of the society, a workshop was conducted by our seniors. Introduction is more than the transference of knowledge, it is the transmission of values, culture and love. The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions to build an aware workforce to lead the society in the direction of glory and success. There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, then to take a lead in the introduction. But the workshop was successful in all its essence in the presence of its stakeholders who mentored us and showed us the path ahead and now it is our solemn responsibility to uphold the zeal and legacy of this esteemed society.
After the workshop, opportunity of getting more privy to our society, we were adduced with the task of making cards for teachers' day. We worked together growing bonding between each other. Teaching is the greatest act of optimism, so to acknowledge our teachers, who inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love of learning, we thanked them for their hard work by the love we showed in our cards which was really acclaimed by our teachers.
It feels great to be a part of an organization who after all these years still keeps our founder’s mission at the forefront- promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage by promoting classical dance, folk music, yoga, meditation, crafts and other aspects of Indian culture. With the ever emerging and expanding its horizons, this multifaceted Indian heritage is leading its way towards its motto. SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values and the pulsating and the dynamic vitality of the young person. The movement incorporates this vitality to cajole them into being custodian of what is actually their birth right, namely their heritage, roots and identity.
-Unnati, Ananya Mathur, Manisha Mehra, Rita Joshi, Roshni Chand,Sangeeta Hyanki

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The Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY was established on 15th Feb.,1984, and through these years, we have evolved in knowledge, exposure and experience. With the ceaseless efforts of the Chapter members, the Staff Counsellor, and the University Administration, and amalgamated with the patronage of the dozens of Indian classical dance and music forms, the Pantnagar Chapter of SPIC MACAY has had the opportunities to witness some of the greatest living exponents of the traditional Indian art forms. It is our endeavor to help disseminate the best of the Indian classical heritage with its attendant legends, rituals, mythologies and philosophies to young students and professionals.